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Pranakorn Heritage Hotel

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Dek Kayray Bar

Open Daily

You know how everyone's always telling us to be the "good kids" and do what's "right" in the world? But seriously, when and where can we just let loose and be ourselves, right?

Well, that's where “Dek Kayray Bar” comes in – it's like this hidden land inside all of us. It's the spot where people have had enough of being the "goody two-shoes" and are ready to say goodbye and kick society's pressure and expectations to the curb. Here, it's all about letting loose, having a blast, and just being you. You can bring your buddies who are on the same wavelength or meet some folks who are embracing their inner "kids" in their own quirky ways.

And the drinks? Oh man, they're like a mix of all the awesome flavors of life, and we've got the signature concoctions crafted by our delightfully naughty mixologist. I promise you, every time you step into Dek Kayray Bar, you're in for a fantastic time with great space, awesome drinks, and some new friends to share it all with. Cheers to that!

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Pranakorn Heritage Hotel


Pranakorn Heritage Hotel